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Mongolia is a country of growing tourist interest since its communist state collapsed and its doors opened to the rest of the world. Its unique cultural heritage, landscapes, geography and ecosystems make it one of the most interesting places in visit in the world.

Being landlocked between Russia and China and surrounded by high mountains, and therefore without a marine influence on the weather, it has a very extreme continental climate. It can change rapidly from a hot day to a cold night and experiences long and extremely cold winters and a short hot summer. Its high altitude means that most of the days are sunny and that’s why Mongolia is called ‘The Land of Blue Sky’.

Mongolia is in an ecological transition zone. You can see the Siberian flora and fauna in the morning, and in complete contrast, the flora and fauna of the desert and steppe in the afternoon, if you are driving real fast!Mongolia is famous for its wildlife. In the northern forests there are wild boars, brown bear, elk, musk deer and moose as well as plenty of sable and lynx. Most of the mountains are very remote, providing an ideal habitat for Argali (wild sheep) and ibex and the very rare snow leopard and Takhi in Kkustai National Park

In the legendary Gobi desert live Havtgai (wild camel), Ibex, Snow leopard, Hulan (wild ass), black tailed gazelle, wolf, and the very rare Mazalai (Gobi bear). In the Steppe you can see the Saiga antelope, Mongolian gazelle, Hulan (wild ass), small jerboa, lots of land Squirrels, Wolf, and millions of furry Marmots.

Only 10 % of the land is forest. In northern, northeastern and central Mongolia you will find Siberian and Scotch pine, Siberian larch and white ground birch. In the Gobi you will see Saxual shrub. It covers millions of hectares, has hardly any leaves, is highly adaptable and protects its fragile ecosystem very well. Khentii and some other parts of central Mongolia are famous for their red, yellow and purple wildflowers, mainly rhododendrons and edelweiss.

Mongolia is rich in natural beauty, with a mix of vast landscapes of snow-capped blue mountains, mirages in the empty desert, wonderful gorges, colourful canyons and crystal lakes and rivers where you can hear the cry of the Golden eagle. With white gers dotted about everywhere, Mongolia is still a country where almost half of its population maintains a nomadic lifestyle. This perfectly fits the lives of a people who live in one large territory and give legendary hospitality. The Mongolian nomadic traditions have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

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