Western Mongolia horse trek

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Western Mongolia Horse trekking/Snow leopard Tour

 Western Mongolia is a region in Mongolia covering the provinces (or Aimags) of Bayan-Ölgii, Hovd, Uvs, and Zavkhan. It is the most remote region of the capital city . It is also the most ethnically diverse, mountainous, and scenic region of Mongolia, with thousands of years of history. The region is home to the Kazakhs, and Oirats, or western Mongols, which can be divided into 10 different tribes, as well as Khalkhs, or eastern Mongols. In addition to the ethnic diversity, the region is home to the Altai Mountain Range, with the highest peaks in Mongolia, Lake Uvs, a large saltwater lake, and many smaller lakes, mountains, rivers, forests, and steppe. Spread throughout the region are countless archeological sites with petroglyphs, cave paintings, standing stone monuments, monasteries, and ancient forts that date back as far as 10,000 years.

Mountains in the west, Gobi Desert in the east and south, the Great Mongolian Lakes depression in the north and center, and forests, steppe, and deserts mixed throughout support some rare and spectacular wildlife. Large and endangered animals call the region home including snow leopards, the Govi Bear, Argali sheep, ibex, antelope, gazelle, falcons, golden eagles, wolves, foxes, and many more. Many more birds use the many lakes as rest stops on their annual migration between Siberia and Southeast Asia. Rivers and Lakes of Western Mongolia collectively form what is known as the Great Lakes Depression, a self-contained watershed that drains into several large saltwater and freshwater lakes mostly in Hovd and Uvs provinces. There are several waterfalls and glaciers near the headwaters of each of the rivers and various tributaries. These rivers and lakes support numerous species of birds and several species of fish. The lakes are a major stopping place for many endangered migratory birds.

Tour itinerary: Tour Day 1: Fly to Ulaangom Pick up from your Hotel, drive to the Airport, fly about 3 hours, and drive to Uvs Lake, Mongolian biggest lake, stay at Ger camp.

Tour Day 2: Drive to Khovd Sum After the breakfast, drive through the desert and we will camp next to the Shaazgai Lake, from the lake we can see the Mongolian the third highest Mountain Tsambagarav , one of the most beautiful views will be and on the east you will see the Kharkhiraa Tvrgen snow capped Mountains over the desert. In these are there are higher possibilities to see Bearded Vulture and Mongolian Black Vulture .

Tour Day 3: Ride to Goojuur After the breakfast, start our horse trekking in the mountains and ride through the narrow rocky valley.

Tour Day 4: Ride to Olon Nuur’s Nariin Hirsen Shireg Horse Riding through a valley of the rocky high with snow capped peaks, the landscape going to be stunning, and camping at small riverbank. ​

Tour Day 5: Ride to Olon Nuurin Arshaani Am (Many Lake's Spring Valley) Horse riding up to the Mountains and we will reach to Olon Nuur a big valley with over 100 small lakes, bottom of permanent ice capped Mountain, Olon Nuur Peak, in the valley during summer time many of local families spend summer time in this a valley.

Tour Day 6: Horse riding to Davaan Khar Horse riding over 2900M high Mountain pass, we will see in the far distance a big valley of the Khovd River and Achit Lake, like a mirror and Altain Mountain Range and Beautiful Tsambagarav Mountain

Tour Day 7: Horse riding to Otor Uul ( Otor Mountain) ( Ibex) Riding though a valley with red steep rocky peaks of Mountain, we will see the Ibex on the road, the valley is pasture of the ibex, Mountain goats. Should not forget your binoculars!

Tour Day 8: Hong Uul (Hong Mountain) Gradually descending from Kharkhiraa Turgen Mountain Range( Tallest peak Kharkhiraa 4037m, above sea level) Strictly protected area, entering to lower area, semi-Desert zone, we can experience desert plantation and desert climate , Mountains has red and purple colors.

Tour Day 9: Horse riding through the Khovd River The Khovd River, start from Altai Tvan Bogd Mountains and glaciers and running through western Mongolia, running 516km , flood to Khar Us Lake, big lakes depression, Western Mongolia. The lake is most important water resource for region and has many kind of trees and most remarkably, can find easily, Mongolian wild fruits, called Sea Bucktorn. West side of the river settled by Khazakh nomadic families and east side of the River settled by Mongolian herders, mostly Dorvod ethnic groups.

Tour Day 10: Horse riding to Achit Lake We will ride through the Forest of Khovd River and soft sandy place while we will visit to Mongolian Nomadic families on the road. The Achit Lake is fresh water lake, in the west of the country. At an elevation of 1,435 m above sea level it covers an area of 290 km². It is 28 km long, 16 km wide and 10 m deep. The coast is covered with steppes, mostly hilly but swampy on the northwest and northeast. Several rivers also flow into the lake

Tour Day 11: drive to Olgii City Drive to the Olgii City, center of Bayan-Olgii province, most western part of Mongolia, on the road stop at narrow valley of the Khovd River, keep riding and at the Bayan-Olgii, stay at Tourist Ger camp.

Tour Day 12: Drive to Altai Tavan Bogd National Park ( 5 saints peaks National Park) The snow-capped Kuiten Uul mountain,4374 m (14,201 ft), is the highest of the five peaks of Tavan Bogd Mountains that gives the park its name. It covers an area of 630,000 hectarce and is home to three large freshwater lakes and 34 glaciers, plus several waterfalls. Ancient tribes have left many artifacts, using the region for religious ceremonies. Today, tens of thousands of petroglyphs in the park are part of a World Heritage Site. In addition there are numerous Turkic Stone Men and stone burial mounds. We leave our cars at National Park gate. camping near the gate.

Tour Day 13: Riding to The largest, Pontuninii glacier This day, horse ride to the lake, camping next to the glacier, surrounding will be Mongolian one of the most beautiful scenery, by 5 saint mountains, the Mount Khuiten (4374m) , the Mount Nairamdal( 4180M), the Mount Malchin (4050M),

Tour Day 14: Riding back to Khazakh family

Tour Day 16: Visit to Eagle hunter Khazakh family Drive from Altai Tavan Bogd National park, on the road stop at Ancient Rock painting to see them.

Tour Day 17: In the morning, meet the Khazakh Eagle hunters, speak with them and see how do they training the Eagles for the hunt. After visited to the Eagle Hunters, drive to Olgii City and afternoon discover the city. Stay at tourist ger camp.

Tour Day 18: From ger camp transfer to the airport fly back to UB.

What should to know for this an expedition: This an adventure expedition into to true Mongolian wilderness. During horse trekking, we will be in the high Mountains and desert, so weather weather can be two different natural zones weather therefore choose right equipment for you which is useful and makes your expedition interesting-So please choose your personal equioment wisely. Camping and horse trekking equipment provided from us-we are happy to provide you with high quality and comfortable equipment .

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Note: Snow leopard is globally engendered Specie , one of the hardest to see in the nature. Mongolia has second largest population in the world. Mongolian snow leopard spread along the Mongol Altai Mountain Range. We will ride Kharkhiraa and Turgen Mountain which is part Uvs Lake strictly protected area where estimated over 30 snow leopard live but we are not giving you any guarantee to see exactly in the nature but they are still some possible. Also the highest possible to see the ibex, fox and marmot and wolf etc.