Gobi dessert central Mongolian tour

14 days Tour to Gobi Desert and Horse Trekking in Naiman Nuur Lake

Day1: Tov Aimag Pick up from your hotel, drive to the Tsonjin Boldog-Chinggis Khaan's Equestrian statue, at the bank of the Tuul River. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genghis_Khan_Equestrian_Statue. Drive through the Bogd Khan Uul, visit to Manzisher Monastery, keep drive to the steppe, reach a nomadic family, visit and have dinner at the family, stay in tent.

Tour Day 2: Drive to the Tsagaan Suvraga Canyon (28th) Tsagaan Suvarag is one of the beautiful canyons of Mongolia and you can see the geological layers easily. Located middle of the Gobi Desert, stay in the steppe, camping.

Day 3: Yoliin Am( Vulture valley) (29th) Drive Yolin Am( Gobi Gurvan saikhan Mountain-southern ridge of the Gobi Altai Mountain-some scientists believe that part of the Tenger Mountains-North west China),local ger stay-shower and flash toilets. Drive 250km

Tour Day 4: Khongorin Else (highest sand wall) (30th) Drive to Khongoryn Els, local ger stay( just a ger with bed)Drive approx.: 170km. You will drive through Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Mountains and in far distance Zoolon Mountains and all part of Gobi Altain Mountain range from western Mongolia to Southern Gobi Desert, ranging about 1800km long. The Landscape is complete desert, vast, hostile, sharp edged young mountains you will see. Stay in local ger guest ger run by locals.

Day 5: Half day Camel Riding and drive near Bogd Uul (1th) Camel ride from local ger and ride about half day, lunch nearby the sands and stay in a tent. Drive through Gobi Desert, From the Khongor sand dunes, head to the north and cross the 2 big valley, called Art Bogdin Ovor Hooloi, Mongolian harshest and windiest place and almost everyday there desert storms and the dust and sands reach to south east Asia and even west coast of America. Drive around 400km and camping after Uyanga Sum, in the mountains. Near 8lake region.

Tour Day 6: Drive to 8 lake area (2th) Drive through a mountain valley, on the road we will see lots of yaks and cross the river also the region has many rocks spread. Meet the pack horse, the horse will carry all the foods amd equipment during the trekking. Tent stay.

Day 7: Trekking 8lake area ( 3th) Shireet lake Pass the Khuis lake and keep riding through the valley , it going to be beautiful valley and wild forest and keep riding up to the mountain pass, when we are at the top, we will see the beautiful Shireet lake, which is most beautiful and biggest lake in the region and camping at the shore of the lake.)

Tour Day 8: Trekking 8 lakes area (4th) : Horse Trekking –Khuis Lake Start horse trekking and climb up to the high mountain Pass and reach another valley which is created from the volcanic activity, lots of meadows and small springs and rock as well, beautiful mountains and forest, camping next to the nomadic family, we will visit a family and learn how to make yogurt and milk cream for the breakfast, camping next to the family ( we will have a dinner at the family and breakfast with a family) and in the morning, you can milk cows and yaks.

Day 9: trekking 8 lakes (5th) : Horse trekking –start of Orkhon river Horse trekking through the valley, pass a big mountain pass, and reach a small valley of Shireet lake, which is most beautiful and biggest lake up in the mountains , surrounded by the volcanic mountains which makes the landscape beautiful. Camping.

Day 10: Orkhon Waterfall (6th) - Ulaantsutgalan waterfall Start trekking and through the valley of the Orkhon: lots of rocky mountain and rocks and also canyon of the Orkhon river. Visit to the Ulaantsutgalan waterfall and keep walking and visit a nomadic family, stay in local Ger.

Day 11: Kharkhorin (7th) Drive to Kharkhorin, through the Orkhan valley, on the road, there are Tovkhon Monastery, walk up to the mountains, visit the temple. Afternoon drive to the Kharkhorin. stay in tourist camp( ger camp with public shower and flush toilets).

Day12: Near Khustai(8th) Visit to Erdene Zuu Monastery and ancient Capital of Mongol empire, called Kharkhorin ( mostly destroyed and some little ruins left) and the Monastery is built by bricks of the capital city and most of the part become the museum, has a rich art of buddhist tradition belong to 16th - 19th century and some part still an active monastery. The lunch at Kharhorin village, drive to Tovkhon Khiid Monastry and Khogno Khan Uul Mountain, keep drive stay in tent near Khustai National Park in the steppe of nowhere.

Day13: Visit to Khustai national park and drive to Ulaanbaatar(9th) After the breakfast, drive little bit inter to the national park, the park is mainly for protect and breeding the Mongolian wild horse, Takhi, also called primitive horse, the horse from ice age, highly possible to the other wild life, marmots, red deers, and hire, fox, and wolvies, and some gazzeles, we will do some hiking, drive back to Ulaanbaatar city, drop you off at your hotel

Day14: drive back to Ulaanbaatar, drop off you at hotel Ulaaanbaatar