Horse trekking in northern Mongolia

Horse Trekking in Northern Mongolia-supported by packing horse

Horse Trekking in Northern Mongolia

The Lake Khovsgol National Park is differs from other national parks in the world in that it is inhabited by many nomads herding families. Here, man and nature exist side by side in the balance that has remained essentially unchanged for thousands of years. The opportunity to experience this way of life as well as to enjoy the spectacular scenery of KHovsgol lake and Horidol Saridag Mountain range and the neighboring Darhad depression.

The park is established in 1992, a vast area of around 70000 km, at its heart is lake KHovsgol, stretches 125 km from north to south, reaching a depth of 262 m,there are 2%of the world freshwater, created by volcanic activity it is part of the Baikal Rift System. The habitats surrounding the lake are varied and therefore home to a diverse array of wildlife. The wet meadows and lagoon are important for waterfowl. Wild boar and five species of deer move between the flanks of the Siberian larch forest and flower-rich mountain meadows. Predators roam Hovsgol, wolf and snow leopard etc.

Brief Outline Itinerary We will go to Hovsgol Lake by car and in the national park we will stay nomadic family at Jankhai where we will begin our pack horse supported 7days trek, return to Ulaanbator going to be by car. Stuffs will be a guide and a cook and a local horseman. This a trek is the most adventurous horse trekking in Mongolia and designed for more experienced riders who are comfortable ride over steep and difficult terrain, the trek will pass through the big mountain pass and spectacular forest and meadows.

Day 1: we will pick up youfrom the airport or train station or your hotel then take you to our camp

Day 2: to Bulgan Aimag After breakfast we will drive to north stop for lunch along the way then drive to Amarbayasgalant Monastery which is Mongolian most intact architectural complex, was built between1727 and 1737 by Manchu emperor Yongzheng, and dedicated to the great Mongolian Buddhist and sculptor Zanabazar, whose mummified body was moved here in 1779. Sleep overnight near the Bulgan in tents.

Day 3: to Lake Hovsgol National Park Today we long drive through Bulgan, center of Bulgan province and Moron, capital center of Hovsgol province then reach to Hovsgol lake sleep overnight at Janhai tourist camp.

Day 4: today we will meet the horses prepare for long distance trek and briefly ride round Jankhai and Hovsgol lake’s shore.

Day 5: Jankhain Shar Garam -- Yamaat Uul and Ikh Uul (2961m) We will ride up to pass of Jankhai, trails goes to upland and sleep overnight in Yamaat Uul and Ikh Uul where some Ibex and wild sheep live.

Day 6: Hordiliin Shar Ovor -- Renchinlkhumbe Sum Today we will ride through Horidol Sardigiin Nuruu mountain range which 30km along the western shore the peaks are Qngoloch, Hevertseg, Ikh Uul and Uran Dosh Mountain(2793m), the landscape is clear evidence of glaciations; steep sided valleys; cirques and moraines.

Day 7: Renchinlkhumbe Sum - Arsain Sair This day we will re-supply our foods from Renchinlkhumbe village, the village located in Darhad Depresstion, the region is the strong center of Shamanism. We will ride towards to Arsain Sair and background is barren rock formation of upland and we will need to across Arsain Gol small river at least twice.

Day 8: Arsain Sair – Har Us Continue on horseback to Jigleg Pass, the pass is 2500m above sea level, very muddy even after a long dry spell, from top of the pass you will see the wonderful scenery of Lake Hovsgol. Most travelers heading further into the taiga for visit Tsaatan family, will pass through this the pass. Sleep over night near Khar Us( spring)the mineral spring is famous throughout Mongolia for it’s medicinal properties.

Day 9: Har-Us – Hirvisteg Nuur Full day of trekking along the lake’s shore and pass Santiin Davaa, terrain is difficult. On the way near to Hirvisteg Nuur( a small lake)there are few nomadic Tsaatan people( reindeer people) who live in the tepees where opportunities to ride reindeer and take the photos and visit to Tsaatan family.

Day 10: Hirvisteg Nuur – Jankhain Shar Davaa Last day of trek, we will ride back to Jankhai along the lake side, there are 2793 m high mount Uran Dosh is the prominent flat-top mountain that dominates the western side of shore landscape. stay at Jankhai tourist camp

Day 11: after many days trek, relaxing and enjoy beauty of the lake at the camp

Day 12-Day13: either drive back to base camp or Ulaanbaatar

Day 14:transfer to Ulaanbatar

*It is the responsibility of the client to be fully covered with travel and medical insurance while traveling in Mongolia

Minimum riding ability: Competent rider. Fit and capable of riding at all paces confidently .Varying terrain, in the saddle for several hours on most days.

Dates: August 4- August 16