Horse Trekking in Arkhangai Province

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Horse Trekking in Arkhangai Province

Travel dates: June-October

This horse trek passes through Mongolian spectacular forest, beautiful mountains, the wide valley of the Tamir River and the Tsagaan Davaa mountain pass. The Arkhangai province is located in central Mongolia and most of its land is part of the Khangai mountain range, the biggest mountain formation in Mongolia.

Highlights of this horse trek include visiting a nomadic family where we will receive their legendry hospitality and they will teach us their secrets of survival that how to leave in Mongolian wild nature. They will show us how they manage their herds, how to make dairy products, fermented mare's milk and other produce and visit to Khustai Natinal Park where we can see Mongolia wild horses known as Prezawlski horses(Mongolian name-Takhi horse) as well. We will see the eagles, wild flowers, many semi-wild horses, yaks and local horsemen riding in the river valley and it is the best opportunities to discover genunie classic Mongolian nomadic lifestyle that can't find anywhere around the World.

We may also see mountain fox, wild boars and red deer. We will camp under the clear starry sky and have dinner prepared for us on an open fire. It is also possible to customise this trek so please let us know what you want!

Tour Itinerary: Tour day 1: Start the tour from UB to Elsen- Tasarkhai We will drive to Elsen-Tasarkhai in Khogno-Khan Natural reserve near Kharkhorin village, Khankhrin is the old capital city of Mongolia. Along the way we will drive little bit to the south, Khustai National Park to see Mongolian Takhi Wild Horses ( Przewalski's_horse ). The old capital now only has a small township and its most obvious land mark is Erdene Zuu Monastery. It was built in 1582 and is surrounded by a vast 400 square-metre wall. Not a single nail was used in the construction of the temple, despite being very intricate and beautiful. We will camp overnight near Elsen Tasarkhai

Tour day 2: To Bulgan Sum Today we will drive to Bulgan Sum via the town Tsetserleg. This town is the centre of the Arkhangai province. It is probably the most beautiful province in Mongolia. After Tsetserleg we will head west to Bulgan and reach our nomadic family in the South Tamir River valley, surrounded by mountains. We will stay here overnight

Tour day 3: Riding along the South Tamir River We will meet the horses and ride for a short distance in order to prepare the horse for the long-distance trek and for you to get used to each other. We will also take part in the nomadic family's daily life, a great way to experience Mongolia first-hand

Tour day 4: To Gurviin Davaa Today we will begin our horse trek. We will ride to Gurviin Davaa and set up our camp in the forest

Tour day 5: To Chih Hairhan As we leave the mountain range the North Tamir River's valley is waiting for us. We will head towards a special rock called Taikhar. The rock is subject of many local legends. The most common one is that a great hero crushed a huge serpent there by hurling the rock on top of it. We will ride to Chih Hairhan Mountain where we will stay will a nomadic family

Tour day 6: To Shivert hot spa Today we will ride through the mountains where will see a rock painting.We will then visit the Shivert hot spa.* We will camp overnight in the next valley near the spa

Tour day 7: To Tsagaan Davaa Today we will ride to the Tsagaan Davaa Mountain pass. We will stop for lunch at Elestei which is a mini Gobi desert-like area with sand and a little spring. We will camp overnight here

Tour day 8: To the Tamir River Today we will pass through the Tsagaan Davaa mountain pass. We will ride along the river until we reach our camping spot, along the river's edge

Tour day 9: To Bulgan Today we will be riding a half day to the nomadic family where we started our trek. After many days in the saddle you might need a rest! We will camp here overnight

Tour day 10: To Ulaanbaatar Horse riding ability level: Confident beginner horse rider to intermediate horse rider.

More more info about this horse trekking tour, please contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. **It is the responsibility of the client to be fully covered with travel and medical insurance while travelling in Mongolia