Horseback trekking to Khagin Khar lake in Khentii

Trekking horses at the Khagin Khar lake

Horseback trekking to Khagin Khar lake in Khentii

Hagiin Har Us Nuur (Hagiin Black Lake) is a remote, 25-30-meter deep glacial lake. It is hidden in a forest in Baga Khan Hentii Mountain range,altitude is 1800m above sea level, a Strictly Protected Area and is part of the Khan Hentii mountain range, the mountain range is north east of Mongolia and the thirth biggest Mountain formation of Mongolia.

Khan Hentii comprises of more than 1.2 million hectares, made up of the Tov, Selenge and Khentii provinces. It is almost completely uninhabited by humans and domestic animals but it is home to endangered species of moose, brown bear, wild boar, gazelle, wolves, red deer and more than 250 species of birds of Mongolia. We will not meet any people for most of the horse trek, especially between Terelj National Park and Hagiin Har Nuur (see map) deep in the Khentii Mountain. We will be horse trekking through two protected areas of Mongolia ; Gorkhi Terelj National Park and Khan Khenti Strictly Protected Area.

The Gorkhi Terelj National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mongolia, with its amazing rock formations and covered alpine forest.The Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area is a 12,270 km2 (4,740 sq mi) government administered Strictly Protected Area in the Khentii aimag (province) in Eastern Mongolia. Strictly Protected Areas are regions of land designated by the Mongolian government as wildlife preservation areas. Herding and tourism are tightly controlled, and hunting and mining are prohibited. The Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area is located in the Khentii Mountains, and includes the sacred Burkhan Khaldun mountain. This is considered to be the birthplace of Genghis Khan, as well as one of the rumored locations of his tomb.

The Weather during the day, sunny and warm weather is likely. However, during early morning hours it is equally possible to have frost. You should bring travel good waterproofs, thermal clothes, gloves and anything else that will help keep you warm.

Itinerary: Tour day 1: Pick up from your hotel or airport, drive to th Drive to the Terelj National Park, crossing the Terelj River and reach to our nomadic horse family.Stay in Tent Tour Day2: Start our horse trekking to the Khaiin Khar lake along the Tuul River. Reach to the Jalman Uul, stay overnigh

Tour day 3: Keep riding along the Tuul river, camping next to Khag River and Tuul river conjection.

Tour day 4: . We wil ride to the Khagiin River, stay overnight at the shore of the river after crossing the river.

Tour days 5 Continue to horse ride along the trail to the Khagiin Khar lake, stay overnight at Khagiin Khar lake

Tour day 6: From Khagiin Khar lake, riding to Honog Tolgoi

Tour day 7: This day riding to Altan Olgii Mountain and pass through over 2000m high Mountain pass called Khaviragiin Davaa

Tour day 8: Ride to Princess Temple, ride back to our horse family.

Tour Day 9: From the family, ride to Terelj, stay in ger camp.

Tour day 10: drive to Tsonjin Boldog Chingiss Khaan Equestrain Statue drive to back to UB

Minimum horse riding ability level: Competent horse rider. Fit and capable of horse riding at all paces, confidently. The terrain will vary you will be in the saddle for several hours on horseback most days. Travel dates: Aug1-Aug11, Sep5-Sep15