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Mongol Naadam tour

Naadam Package Tour (Car + horse riding tour)

Mongolian traditional sports-wrestling, archery, horse racing (called three men’s sport-Naadam)-are an extension of the military training used for centuries by Mongolian clans. Chinggis khan celebrated one of the biggest Naadam after invaded Sartuul Kingdom then 15th centuries it became official national holiday Nowadays Naadam isheld every year on the same day through out the country, July10-12, the biggest Naadam held in Ulaanbatar; hundreds of best wrestlers and horses are come all across Mongolia.

Brief Outline Itinerary Our this a trek will take you the both opening ceremony(at central Stadium) and horse racing ground where will be thousands of horse trainers and spectators gathered and retains the country, atmosphere is appealing and so authentic, especially horses reach to finish line, mostly 500 horses race one time. There are 6categories for racing defending on horse’s age; 1-5 years old horses and stallions. Distance is 15-25km.

Tour Day1: Arrive at the camp, after the lunch, meet to introduction of the tour and receive instruction of Mongolia horse riding and preparing for trekking.

Tours Day2: After the breakfast drive to Ulaanbaatar to see the opening ceremony which is main event of Naadam festival, including around tousands of wrestlers competitions and ceremony of bring Chinggis Khaan’s 9white flags are highlights, after the lunch, we will visit to archery field to support archers. At the evening, we will drive to horse riding field, Hvi Doloon Hudag, camping in tent. please visit to Mongol Naadam photo album

Tour Day3: Toady, we will see Soyolon(5years old) horse’s race, Mongolians believe that if you see the Soyolon horses race, you going to be lucky in that year, while you will see thousands of horse trainers’s Mongolian tents and gers and horses. You will be free wander among the tents of the horse racing families, watch how the trainers prepare their the horses and the young jockeys, even be invited in for fermented mare’s milk while waiting the racing horses come in finish line

Tour Day4: This day, we will start our trek to Bohog Valley; crossing the Tuul River and reach to sleep overnight in the valley

Tour Day5: Ride back to camp through beautiful Bogd khan mountain

Tour Day6: . At camp, you can have rest after long riding and after refreshment join to Naadam feast with us, we will offer you Mongolian traditional food, called in Mongolian, Horhog, it is hot pot with vegetable and meat, during old day Chinggis khaan’s soldiers used to cook.

Tour Day7: transfer to Ulaanbaatar

Price: 850$ per person, Price include: all meals, bottled water for daily usage, camping equipment, English speaking guide, pick up and drop off you.

Price exclude: laundry, alcoholic drinks, travel insurance* Minimum riding ability:beginners are welcome, our wranglers will accompany you all the time.

Tour Dates: 10th-16th of July *It is the responsibility of the client to be fully covered with travel and medical insurance while traveling in Mongolia