Horse trekking in gorkhi terelj national park

pack horse treks in Terelj

Horse Trekking in Gorkhi Terelj National Park

Travel dates: June-October

Gorkh Terelj national park formed in 1993. It is in the transition zone between the Steppe and Taiga and covers 293,168 hectares, the same as the southern Khentii mountain range. Terelj is one of the most visited destinations in Mongolia. The landscape is picturesque with high cliffs eroded from Mesozoic granites. Mountains and grasslands are carpeted with perennial wildflowers and edelweiss. The mountains' peaks can reach up to 2,900 metres above sea-level.

Horse Trekking Discription In this a trek, we will riding in Terelj National parks most beautiful and wild part, most of the area going to be forest and rivers and high mountains and some possible to have car support and in some time ride without car support, and during the camping will meet the car.

Tour Itinerary: Tour day 1:. Pick up from your hotel or your airport, drive to Tsonjin Boldog, after visiting giant Equistrain statue, we will keep driving through Terelj National Park amd cross the the Terelj river, reach to our nomadic family and horses, set up camp on the shore of the Tuul River

Tour day 2: Horse ride through the National Park, cross the Dund Bayan River, We will reach to Princess Temple , abondened a temple for Manchu princess who sent to Mongolia in 1699. The surranding scenery is beuatiful, cover by Taiga-forest, road going to be one of very nice riding area in Mongolia. Camping in the Mountain.

Tour day 3: Continue ride through the Terelj nationam park, enjoy the scenery of beuatiful Baga Khentii Mountain Range. We will reach another a valley, the Dund Bayan River Valley. camping

Tour day 4: Continue to ride. We will ride along the mountain pass, across the ridge tops and descend into the next valley. We will sleep overnight near the Zvvn Bayan River Valley.

Tour day 5: Horse Ride to The Tuul River. We will ride along the Tuul river. We will camp on the open steppe

Tour day 6: Transfer to Ulaanbaatar, on the road, stop at Aryabal Meditation Center. Riding ability level: beginners *It is the responsibility of the client to be fully covered with travel and medical insurance while travelling in Mongolia