Tours to Gobi Desert Mongolia

Gobi Desert of Mongolia

Tours to Gobi Desert Mongolia

(travel Dates: Tuesday 22nd May until the Saturday 9th June 2012)

Tour brief itinerary:

Tour day1: Pick you up early in the morning drive to the south Gobi desert, landscape going to be vast open steppe and then gradually it will become barren steppe and arid area and on the road, we will stop for the lunch near Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain where lots of gazelles spend their winter time from Gobi desert then keep drivethrough vast open steppe and camping near Erdene Dalai village in the steppe.

Tour day2: After the breakfast drive to Bayanzag which is famous formation (known as flaming cliffs) and have found many famous fossils, we will camp near the canyons

Tour day3: After the breakfast, hike little bit through the canyon and on the top there is small Ger museum, run by locals, we will visit the the small museum afterwards drive to Khonger Sand Dunes, it will be shorter driving around 200km and we will get there after the lunch then in the evening you can climb up to the sand dunes(camping near the sand dunes). Tour

Tour day4: Camel riding day at the sand dunes, we will ride along the Shorter sand dunes and camping in the sand dunes(visit to Camel breeding Nomadic family) tours mongolia, tours in Mongolia, travel tours in Mongolia, south Gobi desert tours Mongolia, classic jeep tours in gobi desert, travel to central Mongolia, tour to Mongolia, fossil find tours, adventure tours in Mongolia, tours to Mongolia, travel tours in Mongolia, travel Mongolia, tourism Mongolia, camel trekking tours mongolia, tours to mongolia, travel tours mongolia, tours mongolia, tours to gobi mongolia, camel trekking in Mongolia, geology tours Mongolia, active tours Mongolia, Trekking tours Mongolia, riding travel Mongolia 2013, riding in Mongolia Tour day5: Drive from Khongor sand dunes to the North reach to Ovorkhangai province and when we pass the Arvaikheer town, we will camping( this day we will be drive around 400km, quite longer).

Tour day5: Drive to Khvisiin Naiman Nuur ( please note: i recommend you this lake which is 8 lakes( originated by volcanic activity) in the Mountain, dotted in the forest and here in Khangai Mountain, the shape of the mountain different from Gobi desert, when we reach the lake, (we will be drive half day) camping near the lake and walk around the mountain to see the Khangai Mountain Range), camping on the shore of the Lake .

Tour day6: Drive from the lakes to the Orkhor water fall (Mongolian biggest) And visit to Tovkhon Khiid (Buddhist Monastery on the top of Mountain) drive through the Mountain,this day going to be short drive but most Difficult road cause there is small rivers and, volcano originated rocks. Camping on the road in the forest.

Tour day7: Drive to Arkhnagai province through the mountain, visit to Tsenkher Hot spa, you can have pool (hot spa) then drive to our horse breeding Nomadic family (during visiting, guide going to tell you about Mongolian Nomadic tradition and culture etc, Ger stay with Nomadic family.

Tour day8: Horse trekking day: ride from Tsenkher ride to he south Tamir River valley, camping near the river.

Tour day9: Horse Trekking day: trekking from the valley and on the road Have a lunch and the ride to the mountain and after the passing Mountain Pass(Gurvaviin Davaa) we will camping in the Mountain narrow valley With forest and small spring.

Tour day10:Horse Trekking day: Riding through the mountain valley then inter to the North Tamir river valley when we reach to Taikher Rock( which is a rock where is no other cause the river changed it's direction which made the rock unique) after the lunch ride along the river and camping near the river.

Tour day11: Horse trekking: After the breakfast, ride to the Mountains and pass the high mountain pass then inter to the beautiful valley with forest called Burkhant where we will be camping.

Tour day12: last Horse trekking day: Ride back to Nomadic family and through the mountain.

Tour day13: drive to Kharkhorin which was Mongolian ancient capital city of Mongolian empire but most of the city destroyed by Ming Dynasty but There is Mongolian oldest Buddhist Monastery, called Erdene Zuu Hiid, where You can learn lots of things about Mongolian religion, we will be have lunch there and afterwards keep driving and camping near Khogono Khan Mountain.

Tour day14: after the breakfast drive to Khustai National Park, which on The road to Ulaanbaatar city and to see the wild horses, Takhi Mongolian Name or known as a Przewalski's horses. then drive to UB